I’ve been a member [of the LibDems] for around 55 years. I’ve been a {successful} agent/organiser. I’ve hosted discussion evenings, I’ve delivered leaflets. I’m now old and easily muddled and need a friend to help me around the internet – BUT – I can still spot mistakes and see much better ways of getting to a better civilisation than our present system of always ensuring there is so much money to be made from contracting out, enriching the firms who do the contracting – ie privatisation. That’s why I still go on! Diana Iwi
Them’s fighting words from a doughty political campaigner, who stood in the 2018 Barnet local election, as the Liberal Democrat candidate for East Finchley. After a childhood spent travelling round the Far East and Africa with her parents, Diana Iwi, nee Cooper*, has been what used to be called a ‘Hampstead intellectual’, now according to The Guardian the ‘North London metropolitan elite‘, as was the family she married into. Her father-in-law, Edward Iwi, was a solicitor by profession but constitutional expert by inclination: Sir George Coldstream, Lord Kilmuir’s private secretary, advised 10 Downing Street:
The trouble with Iwi is that he usually puts his finger on an awkward question … You will no doubt recall that Iwi has on several occasions proved right and on at least one of these occasions he could have caused the government great embarrassment – I refer to the unfortunate mistake by which Princess Arthur of Connaught was named as a Counsellor of State in 1944. Iwi spotted the error but was good enough to keep quiet about it. … [He should be told] in friendly terms to keep his mouth shut. Wikipedia entry on Edward Iwi, which also explains that the choice of the surname Mountbatten-Windsor from Prince Andrew onwards was partly at the instigation of Iwi.
I have digressed into this description of Diana’s father-in-law because it shows the fighting spirit, the determination to stand up for the truth in the face of political inconvenience which has been the background from which she has operated. It also exemplifies the ingrained ability to analyse a situation and propose a solution. Being a loyal member of the Liberal Democrats for 55 years, during which time the party you belong to has not been in power except for the brief heady moment of coalition at the time of Cameron, needs grit and determination, an unwavering support for the political truth as you see it, come what may. Diana has also been a supportive rock for the leadership of the Green Liberal Democrats, of which she was a founder member. On behalf of the Green Liberal Democrats, Diana, we echo Tim Farron’s appreciation for all that you have done and continue to do on behalf of the cause. Thank-you for being you!

*not to be confused with her sister-in-law, Diana Iwi nee Leben