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You may have seen the Netflix documentary ‘Seaspiracy‘ about the environmental damage done by the deep sea fishing industry, which premiered in March.
It has been much discussed, more so since some of its conclusions have been questioned by scientists. (Wikipedia has a good summary of its critical reception). The Guardian of 31 March says it “pours doubt on the idea of sustainable fishing, shines a spotlight on the aquaculture industry and introduces the notion of ‘blood shrimp’, seafood tainted with slave labour and human rights abuses”. If you haven’t yet seen it, we encourage you to do so, and also to read some of the critical reaction. This is partly because the subject is important in itself, but also because of the difficulty in writing about risks to a healthy environment in general. If one overstates the risks, or is tempted to write lurid descriptions of the threats and predicted outcomes, one evokes a strong counter-reaction, so strong very often that it threatens to negate the actual threat warning altogether.

Build a Better World 2021 – Fund Raising Through Music

June 5th 2021 marks the 46th anniversary of World Environment Day 2021. and we are doing our bit to help restore our planet and to build a better world by releasing Better World. In 2020 award winning UK song-writer Colin Gordon-Farleigh and Nashville based singer and writer Sandy Smolen got together and wrote the lyrics and music for Better World. It is a song about how we need to build a better world for the future and how we all have our part to play in doing this. All those involved in creating the track have volunteered to donate their worldwide royalties from Better World when played on streaming services such as iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and the rest, for at least 12 months. So instead of asking people for donations, we are simply asking your help to let us donate the maximum amount of money by playing and sharing the song. Our initial target is one million plays. In the next few weeks, before the song is released on 5th June, we are now asking people to suggest the charities we should be donating to. The list we have gathered so far is below and we expect to choose five from the most popular suggestions. The final selection will be announced on 28th May.”
Better World Excerpt Sung by Cindy Hall – Sheer Joy Music
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source: Richard Irwin

Environmental Threat to Ancient Woodland in Buckinghamshire

“Jones’ Hill Wood is a beautiful ancient woodland in Buckinghamshire that has to date been successfully defended from destruction by HS2 through the actions of Earth Protectors, ecologists, lawyers, environmental groups, locals and politicians. The battle for this ancient woodland continues as we also expand our collaborative strategy to protect other areas of natural beauty under threat by HS2. The tawny owls, red kites, families of badgers, and plethora of other flora and fauna that call Jones’ Hill Wood home all have a right to life…”

source: Gaia Facebook

Sole plus point of Brexit?

I expect you know Fiona Harvey, Environmental Correspondent for The Guardian. If you don’t, her articles are an excellent place for a start-the-day briefing on what is happening in the green world.

Writing about the environment full-time since 2004. Seen a lot of environment since then“, is her pithy career summary.

Animals are to be formally recognised as sentient beings in UK law for the first time, in a victory for animal welfare campaigners, as the government set out a suite of animal welfare measures including halting most live animal exports and banning the import of hunting trophies. The reforms will be introduced through a series of bills, including an animal sentience bill, and will cover farm animals and pets in the UK, and include protections for animals abroad, through bans on ivory and shark fins, and a potential ban on foie gras.” source: Guardian, 12 May 2021, Fiona Harvey, @fionaharvey

Another very good source to visit regularly is EcoWatch.

“EcoWatch is a community of experts publishing quality, science-based content on environmental issues, causes, and solutions for a healthier planet and life.” The website has two columns: one a news ‘tickertape’ and the other a live update of articles. Top of the list as I write is ‘Overwhelming’ Evidence Facebook Is Failing to Tackle Climate Misinformation‘ by Rich Collett-White:
Facebook is “fuelling climate misinformation” through its failure to get to grips with misleading content, according to a new report that calls on companies to boycott the platform until significant action is taken. Campaign group Stop Funding Heat, which produced the report, warns that the problem is likely to escalate in the coming months as the next major UN climate summit, COP26, approaches and wants to see action taken against “repeat offenders.”

30 Things You Can Do If You’re Feeling Helpless About Climate Change“.

Nearly two years ago Jennifer Nini wrote a brilliant piece for Eco-Warrior Princess with ideas which still hold good,
Reduce your waste by packing a zero waste kit and taking it with you everywhere you go, to work, to school and everywhere in between. Check out this list for zero waste travel tips… Keep sharing green lifestyle posts like this on social media and engage in reasonable discussions with people that aren’t based on extreme ideology. Don’t be an an annoying, know-it-all, “I’m right and you’re dumb” greenie because it just turns people off – no one likes an ‘eco’ -basher. To learn how to be an effective advocate for the environment, read our article on the do’s and don’ts of advocacy. Eco-Warrior Princess

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