Yet another ‘green’ publication – must you?’ will no doubt be the first response of many people reading this, as well it might be. But, in our defence, we think Greeneralia, a bi-monthly magazine, will be different:
  • Most of the existing publications covering the environment are learned journals written by experts, primarily for a readership of experts. This is obviously important as part of a continuing dialogue to enable an accepted world view to emerge of, say, the climate crisis.
  • Coverage in the specialist press reflects the particular angle of the organisation, eg Green World begins from the statist world-view of its publisher, the Green Party.
  • Coverage in the non-specialist press may be nuanced and balanced (eg normally The Guardian and The Independent), capable of presenting a multi-dimensional view, but they are primarily news-papers, not places for general discussion.
  • Coverage in the tabloid press tends to be of ‘The End Is Nigh‘ variety. Or, on the contrary, repeated assertions that ‘it will never happen‘. Nuance and balance are rare.
How is Greeneralia different from any of the above? Well, although the editor is a Liberal Democrat and member of the Green Liberal Democrats, the aim of Greeneralia is not primarily to promote the environmental policies of our party or any other, but it does spring from the most important sentence in our constitution: we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community Greeneralia will not try to impose any particular view of the climate crisis and other environmental issues, although it does take certain arguments as read, eg the existence of global warming. It is intended as a meeting place across the political spectrum. It is hoped that some of our contributors will have a regular column, and others will write for us occasionally. Our writers include both professional journalists and those who have never before written for publication. Greeneralia aims to be part news and features from us, and part forum – the sort of discussions you might get at a village well or pub, just before the arguments get too heated. Greeneralia aims to be: -the place that believes as its starting point that the end may not necessarily be nigh, or at the very least could be deferred if enough of us combine to take counter-measures. -the place where we can get answers to our questions and encourage each other to do what we can as individuals to ‘save the planet’. As Professor Bridle encapsulates, we aim to convey to the layperson the scientific consensus on environmental issues. – the place where anyone can point out that the emperor has no clothes: you may be laughed with, but not at. -the place we hope for writing which is lively; witty if not always amusing; displays erudition without pontification; and is both interesting and enjoyable to read. -a place for civilised discussion [uncivilised remarks will be removed]. You can exchange views on issues arising from each piece in the comments at the bottom of each post but we would be delighted to accept longer pieces putting different points of view for publication in a subsequent issue. My email is laura.sykes[at] Do get in touch if you have an idea for an article.